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Pilothole Bit Services offers New and Re-Built PDC Drill Bits

PDC Drill Bits
PDC drill bits, or fixed cutters, come in either matrix or steel body. One might ask, "What's the difference?" and "Which one do I need?"
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Matrix Body PDC

Matrix body fixed cutters contain tungsten carbide material which provides improved wear resistance and erosion. A higher cutter count can also make them heavier set.
In applications of high fluid volume or high sand, 
matrix body bits offer longer life and multiple bit runs.
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Steel Body PDC
High alloy steel comprises the body of steel body fixed cutters, oftentimes making them repairable and good for multiple runs.
They're commonly manufactured with higher blade stand-off and cutter exposure since steel can withstand higher impact than matrix. This design feature increases ROP.
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Give Pilothole Bit Services a call for your next PDC Drill Bit.